L’Ecole Laique du Chemin des Dunes – Calais

L’Ecole Laique du Chemin des Dunes

This school for French and English language teaching was a very early public initiative in the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp. Staffed by volunteer teachers, mainly from the local area, it was initiated and built by camp resident, Zimako Jones.

Zimako Jones also led a campaign to rename the ‘Jungle’ the ‘Forum’, to emphasise not its inhumanity, but its powerful possibilities as a civic space.

We could, indeed, argue that the most inhuman spaces in Calais were those outside the Jungle, which were policed and militarised against refugees.

The ‘Jungle’ to become the ‘Forum’?

See also Bhavesh Hindocha’s/Loud Minority’s film, :‘Who opens a school…’