Multimodal narratives – Calais

Creating multimodal narratives in the Calais camp

In summer 2016, the Centre for Narrative Research in the School of Social Sciences, University of East London, conducted the ‘Creating multimodal narratives in the Calais camp’ project, supported by UEL’s Impact fund. The project involved photography and visual storytelling workshops which the project team ran with the residents of the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais.

exhibition vanimage details

Images from the Visual  Storytelling workshop with women residents and children of the camp, May 2016

With these workshops, we aimed to facilitate the creation of visual, verbal, written and process narratives of people’s lives within the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp. Many of the residents were keen to create stories of their experiences. However, words alone, and rapid processes, often do not seem enough to tell life stories. Working with multiple modals of narratives, we aimed to help participants to tell and share their life stories in context.

In Visual Storytelling workshops, we invited the residents of the camp to spend some time making visual stories about themselves, their family and friends, their lives in Calais and their dreams. No special skills were required for participation. We provided a variety of material to be used to create visual stories. Facilitators have included Chila Burman, Aura Lounasmaa, Cigdem Esin and Corinne Squire

We welcome the opportunity to network with colleagues interested in working with the residents of the camp and develop similar projects!

For further information, please see our webpage and Facebook page:

or e-mail Aura Lounasmaa ( or Cigdem Esin (


Images from the Visual Storytelling Workshop, May 2016



Workshop facilitators – Chila Burman, Cigdem Esin and Aura Lounasmaa






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